Here are what some of our patients are saying about us and why they love Laguna Dental Spa.  We would love to hear from you too!  You can go to the review page of this website to let us know how we did.  We love it when patients are happy, it's why we do what we do.  So, if there is something else we can do to make your experience even better, please let us know.  
Thank you to Dana and Dr Juarros for making my daughter's first visit to the dentist a complete success. My husband and I have been patients for 3 years and have loved the care we've received, we knew we could trust you with our little girl.

Sarah Mertyris, July 2016

I love the staff here and of course the "spa" treatment doesn't hurry either! Not one bad experience an I've had a root canal, bridge, typical cleanings, filings/replacements.
First place I've ever been as comfortable as one can expect to be sitting in a dentist chair....

Darla K Jane, August 2016

Love Dana and think Dr. Hoenig is hysterical. They are the best, office staff is nice and helpful (Dolly). No complaints.

Judy Boliver, June 2017

The people here are so sweet . They make sure you're comfortable. They even use top of the line technologies and seem to really care. Also message chairs, neck pillows and blanket if you are cold. I had two crowns replaced. The same day.

Debra A., April 2017

An amazing experience! I decided to give it a try and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Juarros for an exam. I showed up at 8am, had my cleaning done by a very kind and gentle, yet very thorough hygienist. She offered me a warm blanket Very relaxing. I was not going to have any treatment done that day, just cleaning and exam.
I did have a cracked tooth that required an urgent attention. To my surprise, Dr. Juarros stayed in the office instead of his planned early leave,and fixed my teeth. I had a crown done and a couple of fillings right there,on the same day.
I had the best dental experience and was out of the office by 1 pm.

Lena M., January 2014

Excellent service and quality care!

Let's start off by saying that this office is very different from other dental offices.
Once you're in the room they offer you a warm neck pillow and the chair has a back massager. It's definitely more upscale than most dental offices I've ever been to.
Their equipment is more up-to-date, including digital x-rays. The pro for this is that the little bite wing they place in your mouth isn't an awkward size and minimizes discomfort.

Tiffany N., March 2012